Foreign Trade Consultancy

Foreign Trade Consultancy -Let us help you with IMMEX Program

Our consulting services include:

Customs matter

Customs Law, Customs Law Regulations, Foreign Trade Law, Law on VAT, Tax Code, Miscellaneous Tax General Rules in Foreign Trade, etc. Deferral Programs, IMMEX, PROSEC, Rule 8th, Revision at origin, etc.

Tariff classification

General import and export tax law. Product tariff classification defining restrictions and regulations to be complied.

International treaties

International treaties, resolution in customs matters, rules of origin, certification of origin, etc.

Audit of Foreign Trade

Advice properly on the fulfillment and compliance in all matters related to foreign trade obligations, annual reports, to the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, INEGI.

Inventory control of foreign trade

Complete management of inventory control system for foreign trade goods, which is the obligation of all companies under temporary Import Programs.

Legal Administrative Process

Related to customs matter, fiscal credit process and other administrative processes.