ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 Certification of Quality ManagementCertification of Quality Management

This certification focuses on compliance with international standards by establishing a system of quality management that covers the planning, implementation, verification, correction and improvement of the processes taking place in the company through the development of policies, procedures and indicators of efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, all these activities are performed with the objective of seeking customer satisfaction.


  • Standardization of the company's internal processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of the poor quality cost
  • Reduce warranty claims from customers
  • Ensure compliance with the agreements with customers
  • Having a management system of quality audited by third parties


C-TPAT security throughout the supply chainC-TPAT is a voluntary compliance initiative against terrorism and illegal trade between the United States government and the private sector which aims to build cooperative relationships that strengthen security throughout the supply chain (importers, carriers, customs brokers , warehouses, and manufacturing companies) to achieve border security.


  • Reduction in the number of inspections and in line waiting to export to USA
  • Access to C-TPAT members using the SVI (Status Verification Interface) for reference checks and security policies Monitoring autonomous facilities
  • Eligibility for access by the FAST lane
  • Carriers certified C-TPAT are beneficial to expeditiously perform  the process of analyzing the load on the FAST lane
  • Prevention of losses due to theft and risk reduction to be used by the illicit trade to smuggle goods into the United States
  • Added value service to increase the number of customers



CASCEM Systems Safe Chain ManagementCertified by the Northeast COMCE Systems Safe Chain Management covers not only the best security practices, but also in foreign trade, customs and logistics, its main purpose is that Mexican companies are considered reliable by the authorities to facilitate exports to main markets and accelerate their imports, to contribute with international competitiveness.


  • Compliance with foreign trade regulations, customs and security, with savings in time and fines
  • Safety culture in the whole chain
  • Savings in logistics to identify areas of opportunity and supplier-certified "trusted"
  • Lower costs for customs clearance efficient and effective
  • Improved services of suppliers in the logistics chain, with special rates (agreements with suppliers) and increased safety
  • Preparation to achieve C-TPAT certification and Customs ACS Mexico.